Director Geoff Mark

      Director Geoff Mark
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Some of my work as director and second unit director.

Nothing Else Will Do - NEW Music Video

Teeth of Doom - Sold Short Film

First Timer - Sold Short film

Frankenpunk - Sold Short Film

Grey Sky Blue - Music Video


Other projects

Geoff is an accomplished and extremely creative Director. He excels at visual storytelling and has a strong understanding of using computers and technology in filmmaking. His has a firm skill with actors and scheduling.

Recently he finished the "Nothing Else Will Do" music video for Scott Bergman. It was inspired by the artwork of Joseph Cornell and, except for Scott and an actress, was 100% computer generated. Yet, it looks like a Edwardian era picture box.

He has sold several short films, including "First Timer," "Teeth of Doom" and "Frankenpunk."

His past work includes the "Grey Sky Blue" music video for Joe Bresler, the "Dancatronic" music video for Feetz and several noted short films. To see his IMDB page, click here.

Geoff Mark was 2nd Unit Director on the SyFy blockbuster "Sharknado."

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  • VFX Supervisor - 9 years
  • Director - 17 short films
  • - Sold 4 short films
  • Director - 8 music videos
  • 2nd Unit Director - 84 set days

Newest project: Grey Line

Sizzle Trailer

A hundred years in the future, a container ship traveling in space is attacked by deadly hive-minded aliens. The crew fights for their lives against both vicious alien insects and eachother. Attached: Gigi Edgley (Farscape, Hashtag), John Hennigan (WWE Wrestler 1,000,000+ Twitter followers, Hercules Reborn)