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 Director Geoff Mark - Short Film - Frankenpunk

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  Frankepunk was my first commissioned work. An independent horror feature, "Day of the Dead: Contagium" needed a short film that the stars would be intense fans of. They handed me a script and the budget equivalent of a decent lunch. I had one week.

The only note I received during pre-production was to make the short look like an extremely low-budget film, preferrably from the 80's. My goal was to get at the heart of these girls, and the monster, all in three minutes.

One of the two main girls was 23 and an accomplished actress. The other one was 15 and the niece of someone 'above the line.'. The Doctor appeared in an earlier short of mine, Teeth of Doom. Knowing he only had one line, he spent most of the shoot night developing that one line, checking in with me every hour or so to make sure he wasn't going over the top. That was very close to where I wanted him to go.