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 Director Geoff Mark - Music Video - Grey Sky Blue

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  Grey Sky Blue was an early music video for me and almost did not get made. Originally, the treatment involved a run-down warehouse and complex double-shooting to achieve ghosts from Joe's past. The other concept was to have photographs floating through the space. Many days were spent securing the warehouse and planning every angle on several location scouts.

On the day of the shoot, a gate that had never before been locked, was bolted shut. The owner was out of town and unreachable on his cell phone. Added to that, of the dozen extras who had promised to show up, only one actually did.

I told my first AD to have the band get all their gear ready to go. I went for a walk around the industrial neighborhood with my DP and in about half an hour, re-imagined the entire video to what you see here. Simpler, yes, but still a coherent vision. Joe and his bandmates went for it in a second.

Of the original concept, I was able to keep the photography idea. Instead of waves of photographs of extras, I put single video frames onto 3D polygons and tracked their short flights into the hand-held footage.

The ending is something I came up with about mid-day but held off until the lighting was right.