director Geoff Mark - Teeth of Doom
 Director Geoff Mark - Short Film - Teeth of Doom

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  Teeth of Doom is a 52 second short I wrote, directed and produced especially to sell to AMC TV. The length was dictated by their broadcast standards and it really focused my storytelling!

My goal was to take the well-known Zombie genre and ask the question, "What if there were a retirement community for old zombies?" The first two thirds of the short is my homage to old horror movies, complete with high-key lighting, a clumsy girl being chased and long forboding shadows.

Technically, this was the first project I directed with a dolly track and professional makeup. I know they both added to the tension and helped bring my production value up. It was shot on a Sony TRV950 and I edited it in Adobe Premiere. The black & white effect, with a touch of red, I did in After Effects.

This short will always have a special place in my heart, not only does it look great and really move along, but it was my first paycheck as a director!